What is included in the price?


  • professionally qualified whitewater kayak instructor
  • gear: kayak, paddle, spray deck, neoprene suit, anorak, life vest, neoprene shoes, helmet
  • transportation to the location of the course and back to Bovec,
  • river pass.

When is the best time?

If you would like to improve or discover your kayaking skills, we recommend at least a 2 or 3-day kayak course. We also recommend you attend our kayak courses in the low season period either in the spring or autumn time. You can choose between two timings – 8.30 or 16.00. Based on request and availability we can arrange a course also in high season. Send us an enquiry!

We recommend booking in advance.

* Price per adults (for children to 16 years of age we offer 20% discount). Discounts are valid with cash payment only.


Key information

Duration: 2,5 h on the river, 3,5 h altogether
Kayak type: classic closed plastic kayak
Drive: 5 - 15 min
Section: depending on the guide
Level of difficulty: I-II
What you need: bathing suit, towel, dry underwear to change, sun cream

Kayaking Program

We meet in the SportMIX agency where you will be warmly greeted by our office staff.

At the front desk, you will be asked to sign a waiver form and you will be acquainted with your guide.
The guide will give you all of the necessary equipment. We don’t put the equipment on at the agency, but we will collect everything in a pack and we will change at the starting point next to the river.

You can leave your valuables in the lockers in the office. We recommend you leave only valuables such as wallets, jewellery and personal documents. Dry clothes, underwear and towels you can take with you and leave it in the van with our driver.
Together with the guide you follow the driver and sit in the van. We advise wearing your bathing suit already under your clothes when you come to the office.

You drive to the starting point (approximately 5-10 min drive).

At the starting point we change into our gear, we leave the dry clothes with our driver and we start the trip with our guide.
Before you start your descent, the guide provides information about safety and you start your adventure.

We start our trip on a calmer section of the river, where we first practice the basic kayaking technique and we continue our descent as well on rapids class I-II. The descents vary between 5-10 km, where you practice the new kayaking knowledge, which is important for an efficient, safe and relaxing kayaking.

At the end of the trip, our driver will be already waiting for us, where we will change back into our dry clothes and board the van to drive back to SportMIX agency in Bovec city centre (approximately 10 -15 min drive).
In the office we will check out the pictures taken by our drivers and the guide, we analyze the past day and we will make the plan for the next lesson.

The last day we arrange the formalities and we exchange farewells until next time.


Pregnant women
People shorter than 120 cm
People with mobility impairments
People with back problems and other psychophysical injuries
Kids younger than 14 years
People under the influence of drugs or alcohol


Want to read more about the Kayaking experience?

One of our favourite guests has written about her kayaking experience with us.

A Kayak trip on the Soča River


 After the last adventure on the river Soča, we went down the river with a mini raft and found out that we are excited about adrenaline sports. We wanted to try a couple more activities before winter, so I browsed a bit on the website of the Sportmix agency. Last time we were very happy with them, so we decided to return. In addition to experienced guides and pleasant staff, they also have very reasonable prices. The best rating on Tripadvisor in 2020 is completely justified.

Read more

When I called Sportmix, they told me that they are quite busy for all activities, especially for kayaking on the Soča River, but that they will try to squeeze us in somewhere. All the way to Bovec, I hoped that we would be able to get an appointment, or that someone would cancel at the last minute. Even the beds were all occupied, despite the fact that it was already late autumn. Given that their accommodations are in a quiet location, overlooking the mountains, I’m not surprised that the facilities are quickly full.

Upon arrival in Bovec, we first had to find accommodation, which was quite difficult, given that many tourists were still roaming this small but exciting place. Just while drinking coffee in a local café, a girl from the sportmix office called me and told me the happy news that two guests had cancelled, which means that we got a bed in their accommodation, and we will be able to go kayaking in their stead. We quickly hurried to the office to make an appointment. We were received by the same guy as the last time, and he also remembered us. First he asked us how much adrenaline we were looking for this weekend, and he suggested a kayak trip on calm water according to our wishes - we wanted to get to know the river Soca a bit more and given that we were going to be kayaking for the first time, we agreed that this is a good choice.

The excitement was building all the way throughout the kayak trip - from the office to the water

After we signed the waiver, we met a guide - an experienced kayaking instructor. He handed out the equipment to us, and we agreed on the final details. All things except extra clothes were left in a locker in the office where they were safely waiting for us. Then we headed towards the car, as we had a 45-minute drive to the entrance point, which this time was the Lake in the town Most na Soči. During the trip, we asked the instructor all the possible questions that arose at the time, as we were both a little nervous because we did not know what awaited us. He told us that we would kayak along the quiet part of the river and in two hours drive get to know the beauties of nature that will surround us. The Soča River will be joined by the Idrijca River, which is another pearl of Slovenian rivers. When he described the route we would take in the kayak, I could hardly wait to get into the boat.

When we arrived at Most na Soči, we changed into our gear, and then the guide explained how the trip will go along the 7 km long waterway. He also taught us some basic kayaking techniques, so we were fully equipped for a new adventure. After two hours of fun on the water, with rowing in between, I was already quite tired, but the unspoiled nature of the river Idrijca and the incredible beauty of the river Soča filled me with energy. Enjoying the unspoiled nature and the view of the breathtaking cliffs in the gorge of the river Idrijca, made sure that this adventure was complete.

After the water adventure, we changed at the entrance to the car, and the driver took us back to the Sportmix office, where we poured out our emotions while looking at the pictures. Full of wonderful impressions and beautiful memories, we promised the guide that he would definitely see us again. When we were about to leave, I remembered that a friend, who is also an adrenaline enthusiast, is about to have a birthday and I could give him one of the amazing adventures that the Soča River has to offer. A friendly guy in the office told me that you can also buy gift certificates for various activities from them. We knew he would love kayaking, so we asked if he could introduce us to other options you can experience with kayaking.

The guided kayak descent

It is suitable for everyone who is looking for a unique experience on the Soča River, and at the same time would like to experience the wild rapids of the magical Soča River. The descent is done with open kayaks, accompanied by experienced kayak guides. Due to their exceptional stability and consequently greater safety, open kayaks are suitable for beginners, as they can also go quietly to more exciting parts of the river. The route starts in the quieter part of the river, and the exact start, depending on the water level of the river, is determined by the guide. First, the guide will teach you about safety and explain the basic techniques of kayaking, and then you will go on a 1.5-hour descent through the beautiful valley of the Soča River. The 6 km long route will impress you with exceptional views of the surrounding peaks and the exceptional beauty of the emerald river Soča. Kayaking is not suitable for children under 14 and pregnant women. It is also not suitable for poor swimmers and those who have any health problems.

Kayak school on the Soca River

It is suitable for anyone who wants to learn all the rowing techniques to be able to enjoy this river sport immensely. Genuine contact with the river and admiration of its beauties up close are just two reasons why our friend is a kayaker and why kayaking is such a popular sport. Sportmix offers intensive kayak courses where they teach you how to overcome even the most difficult situations on the water in less than three hours. If you do not feel confident enough after a one-day course, you can also opt for a two- or three-day course. The course is conducted in a classic, closed kayak, and the price of the course includes equipment (kayak, paddle, neoprene suit, anorak, life jacket, neoprene shoes, helmet), an experienced and professionally trained kayak instructor and transport to the course site.

Considering that we don't know if our friend wants to learn rowing, but he would definitely like the experience with the Soča River, we took a voucher for a guided kayak descent. We thanked the wonderful staff at the Sportmix office for another wonderful experience and headed to Bovec for dinner. A wonderful day spent on the Soča River makes for quite the appetite.